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Feral Cats need Help

September 25, 2009

100_1860Yesterday Terry came across a sad feral cat situation. There are many cats and some kittens, most of them are sick, none of them are spayed or neutered. One poor little kitten was just laying in the dirt so she immediately took it to the vet. The poor kitten was so sick it had to be euthanized.

Terry is taking more kittens to the vet today because she is afraid they won’t make it through the weekend. Keeping paws crossed that no more kittens will have to be euthanized. She is also trying to make arrangements to spay & neuter the whole colony.

Terry is a generous lady, and she rescues and helps many cats and people with cat “situations” using her own money, and this is going to be quite costly. Please visit Terry’s donation page, and consider making a donation to help with this feral colony. If you cannot make a monetary donation, please contribute prayers, positive energy & moral support by leaving a comment below.

If you live in the Waxhaw or surrounding area and can contribute some time and energy to help Terry trap and transport the cats to the clinic, please contact Terry at schultz2444@windstream.net

Thank you & many purrs.

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