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Update on F.U.R.R. Activities

October 15, 2009

Breyers, affectionately known as one of the Ice Cream Kitties! So much going on and I didn’t get our Daily Kitty posted today. Sorry! So please check out all the sweet and lovely adoptable kitties!

 The Project GuyWe’d like to give many purrs to Brian Tenny, also known as The Project Guy! Brian is currently renovating the kitchen in the Kitty Lodge! Yeaaaa! In fact, Brian is responsible for all the fine craftsmanship that turned a barn into the cozy Kitty Lodge! Read more about Brian and the Kitty Lodge project here: The Kitty Lodge Project

Last for today, but most certainly not least, Terry would like to give a profound thanks to Rhonda Price and Krista for helping with the Urgent Feral Cat Situation. Check back tomorrow for a new page of updates on the feral kitties, and about Rhonda and Krista!

Until then, many purrs to all!

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