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Today at Petsmart

October 17, 2009

Terry took 8 kittens to the Blakeney Petsmart today, and 2 of the kittens are going to be adopted! Yeaaa! Many purrs and thanks to Carolina P.A.W.S. for making it possible for Terry to take her rescued kitties to Petsmart on adoption days!

The lucky kitties are Carmel (on the left), and Praline (on the right)!CaramelPraline

Rhonda Price stopped by Petsmart today, and she is going to put together a binder with all the adoptable kitties’ photos so Terry can take it to Petsmart on adoption days. This way anyone looking for a kitty to adopt can see all the adoptable kitties, even if they aren’t at Petsmart that day!

Excellent idea, Rhonda! Thank you and many purrs!

Rhonda is the super nice lady who first alerted Terry to the feral cat colony near her home that was in urgent need of help. Rhonda has provided some funding and she and her pet sitter, Krista, have been a great help to Terry in getting the ferals spayed and neutered, and caring for the sick kitties. At this point in time 9 of the ferals have been altered, and on Wednesday, October 21st, we will be taking 10 more feral kitties to the Gaston Co. Spay Neuter Clinic! That will be over half of the feral kitties that will then be altered. On the 21st I’ll be making more photos of the urgent feral cat project, so check back to see them!

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