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Cats & Halloween

October 29, 2009

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With Halloween coming up in a few days, we’d like to remind you to keep your kitties inside where they are safe from harm and won’t be frightened by loud noises & excited children. The worst part is there are scary mean people who actually look for cats to abuse during Halloween, especially black cats. That is one of the reasons that shelters & rescues will not let black cats be adopted for a few weeks surrounding Halloween, and sometimes for the whole month of October.

On Halloween night kitties that are in the house should be safely & comfortably secured in one room so they don’t escape when you open the door to pass out goodies. Click the link for some Halloween Safety Tips for all of your kitties.

Black Cats

Many of us are very fortunate to be sharing our lives with a lovely black kitty or two… However, black cats are often over looked when it comes to adoptions, and sometimes spend a long time waiting for their furever homes. If you are thinking of adopting a kitty, don’t pass by the black cats without a second glance. Black cats are just as beautiful, affectionate & playful as any other kitty. Just look at these little faces…

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