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Lost Momma Kitty

November 3, 2009

Last Friday, Terry got a call about a lost momma kitty in Piper Glen. Apparently, the rescued momma kitty and her 4 newborn babies were taken to a foster home and the foster home put them on their screened in porch. Well, this is the absolute wrong place for a momma with babies in a strange environment. All new foster kitties, and especially mom cats with newborn babies, should be safely secured in a small, quiet room from which they can’t escape, with comfortable bedding in a clean box or a closet in which they can hide their babies, with their litter box and food and water very close by. It is natural behavior for cats to hide their young from perceived dangers which include humans, and if the momma kitty doesn’t feel safe she will move her babies.  This is the survival instinct.

The momma kitty became frightened, jumped through the screen and disappeared, leaving her babies. The poor kitty; you know she had to be terribly scared to leave her babies like that. She probably intended to try to get her babies out of their and take them to a safely hidden spot.

Terry went over with a trap and they tried to use the babies as “bait” to get momma kitty to come back, but she was too frightened and would not come out of hiding. The babies are just one week old, and so they had to be taken to someone who could bottle feed them. We just couldn’t wait any longer, or they would die. Newborn kittens need to be kept warm at a constant temperature of around 80° and need to be fed every 2-3 hours.

Terry worried about the momma kitty all weekend. Yesterday, she decided to call Linda Thomas, an animal communicator. Linda told Terry which path momma kitty took, that she was in a backyard with a jungle gym and an outbuilding, and that she had no intention of coming out of hiding until the door of the outbuilding was open so she could run in to hide.

Vickie, the lady who was helping Terry search for the kitty, found the home with the backyard as described by the communicator, and the people said they had been seeing that kitty in their backyard! This is amazing! So last night they left the door of the outbuilding open and put some food inside. Hopefully momma kitty will be there when Terry goes back today, and can be reunited with her babies.

Keep paws crossed so Momma kitty is found and reunited with her babies in a safe place where she won’t be frightened.

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