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Cat Projects & Adoptions Updates

November 11, 2009

pawCat Rescue Projects

Fogle Cats – I’ve added a new page for the Fogle Cats, which I mentioned in a blog entry back in October. Since then some of the cats have been tested, vaccinated and spay/neuterd thanks to generous donations from Jan Helsinger, Karen Brooks, Melba Tarlton, Mari Christensen, Amy Spurlock, Polly Bartee, and of course Terry. We’ve also received generous food & litter donations for the Fogle Cats from the HSUC and Friends of Feral Felines! Read more about the generosity of kind humans and rescue organizations, and of Terry’s rescue efforts for the Fogle Cats. We are looking for foster homes, for adopters, and for rescues that can take a kitty or two into foster care, and there are still a lot of Fogle kitties that need to be vetted/spayed/neutered, so if you can help the Fogle Cats please contact Terry at 864-483-2444 or Mari at marbocat@aol.com You can also contact Debbie at indigovioletpaws@aol.com  

Betty's CatsBetty’s Cats – More good mews is that all of Betty’s Cats (Urgent-Feral Cat Situation) have been spayed and neutered, including William! This project was financed totally by Terry & Rhonda Price, and Terry did all the trapping and transporting with the help of Mari, Krista & Susan, and of course, Betty!

paw Adoptions

I’m very happy to report that Ben & Jerry, 2 of the Ice Cream Kitties, have been adopted, and so has Jack! Yeaaaa! Jack’s siblings, Cheddar & Colby were adopted already, and the Ice Cream Kitties’ sister, Sprinkles, was also adopted a few months ago. There are 2 more Ice Cream kitties that want to be adopted – Brewsters & Breyers – and you can see them and all the other kitties on the Adoptable Kitties page.

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