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Cat Mews of the Week

November 16, 2009

 Put your paws together because we have some really good mews this week!

Two more kitties were adopted at the St. Johns Woods adoption event this weekend! Yea! They are Waffles and Jelly! That makes 5 kitties adopted in less than 2 weeks, including Ben & Jerry, and little Jack! Many purrs to all the kitties with happy tails and to their new parents!

Mud Pie kitty!

Terry has also rescued another kitty that was hanging around one of her feral colonies. This poor kitty is obviously a pet that was thrown away by someone because he is not feral at all, and he was not faring well with the ferals. His name is…Mississippi Mud Pie and he is the sweetest, purrin-est fellow around! Muddy Cat, for short, was all dirty and stinky when he was found but Terry has cleaned him up and he will soon be ready for his furever home! You can see he still has some stains on his fur from the mud, and he needs to gain a little weight, but this kitty just purrs and purrs from the time he first sees you and loves to be petted. He will make a great addition to a lucky family!

Fogle Cats update: so far 12 of the cats and kittens have been adopted or put into foster care, and 7 of the remaining cats have been spayed & neutered! We’ve had some very generous donations that have made the vetting and spay/neuter possible, but there are still about 10 cats that need to be tested, vaccinated and fixed. If you can help please contact Terry or Mari at marbocat@aol.com

And…some excellent mews for the kitties is Terry is working on making Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehabilitation a 501(c)(3) organization which mean your contributions will then be tax-deductible, and F.U.R.R. will also be eligible for spay/neuter grants!

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