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Mocha’s Eye Surgery

December 12, 2009

Most smaller animal rescue organizations, like F.U.R.R., usually cannot afford to spend a lot of money on really serious injuries or illnesses, but every once in a while you just have to do it.

Mocha's stitches

Such is the case with our Mocha, the kitten with the inverted eyelids. When the eyelid is inverted the lashes are growing inward and rubbing against the eyeball, causing great irritation and discomfort. This can lead to infection, loss of the eye, and possibly even death from the infection.

Mocha & Latte

Here is Mocha after his surgery. His foster mom says he is recovering nicely and pretty much back to his old self. He was wearing an e-collar for a couple of days, but foster mom said he kept taking it off. I guess it was interferring with his kitten play!

Mocha has his own blog and you can check it out by clicking here:

Mocha Kitten’s Eye Surgery

We hope that you will consider making a contribution to help pay for Mocha’s surgery!

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