Happy Caturday! >^..^<

January 10, 2010

Well, actually it’s Sunday now, but Saturday, or Caturday as it is known in certain kitty circles, is the day that the F.U.R.R. kitties began appearing on our own Petfinder pages! Yeaaa!!! Meow!!! Headbutts!!! Purrs!!!

Check it out! Click here:

F.U.R.R. on Petfinder

Our Petfinder homepage is still under construction, so please excuse us there, but you can now see most of the F.U.R.R. kitties on our Petfinder Adoptable Kitties pages!

And now, one day later, we have even more excellent mews…the first 3 kittens to appear on our Petfinder Adoptable Kitty page have already been adopted…together!

Many purrs to the new parents of the 3 young siblings, Mocha, Latté & Cocoa, and to


Here are Mocha, Latté & Cocoa with their new parents! One the left we have Latté & Mike, on the right is Mocha & Robin, and there is F.U.R.R.’s Rhonda Price in the middle joining in the happy celebration with little Cocoa!

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