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Receiving Donations for Parking Cars

March 7, 2010

Kathleen, Rhonda and Mary

We had the best time Saturday parking cars at the Spring Show. Many Thanx and Purrs to the  W.K. Dickson and Company for letting us charge people going to Spring Show to park cars in their parking lot .  Their company is located on 616 Colonnade Drive and they are a multi-disciplined consulting firm specializing in community infrastructure solutions. The Spring Show was this past weekend at the Convention Center on Independence Blvd.  We were there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Other lots were asking $6 for parking and we only asked for $5. There are a lot of animal lovers in Charlotte!  Even though it was a little bit more of a walk – when they heard it was for a rescue group for animals – they did U turns to park in our lot. We passed out fliers and cards to all the cars coming into the lot. Hopefully we will get some great fans of F.U.R.R.

Purrs to our volunteers – Kathleen Drescher, Rhonda Price, Mary Mann, Mari Christensen and Terry Schultz.

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