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Goodbye Spice Girl

March 22, 2010

Sweet Spice Girl

Thanks to everyone who shared in the prayers, visits and donations for Spice Girl.  She passed away last week due to complications that were unforeseen. We were all so very sad to have to say goodbye to her…………especially me.  When Spice Girl went in for her surgery it was discovered that she was impacted and her bowels were not functioning properly.  It was thought that at one time Spice Girl must have been hit by a car to have caused the tail to be broken, but in time, she had also lost function of her lower spine as her nerves and muscles just eventually stopped working.
I was with Spice Girl when the tough decision was made.  I was so sad knowing that I would not see her any more after that and that my hopes and dreams of adopting her out to a wonderful home one day would never come.  The right thing to do is not always easy….but best for our beloved animal friends.  Spice Girl was never tamed since she had the broken tail, she could not be handled or held like the other cats.  She always greeted me every time I entered her room with a big HISS and sometimes she would even spit on me!  But, my dream of holding her one day did finally come true after she fell into that peaceful forever sleep at the vet’s office.  I was then able to hold her and love on her, which I did for quite some time.  I also rubbed her belly and stroked her legs and feet and told her how much we all loved her as my bucket of tears fell on her sleeping body.
Spice Girl is definitely in kitty Heaven and she is happy now and pain free!  I hope she is being stroked and petted and I REALLY hope I am lucky enough to see her again one day!
Thanks to all who cared for this special girl,
Terry Schultz
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