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Farewell to “Muddy Cat”

October 20, 2010

Last week we lost our beloved “Muddy Cat” His new mom and dad were told that it could have been cancer. Everyone at FURR absolutely loved this cat. He would meow and meow at you until you picked him up to be loved. Here is the story of him when we found him and when he was adopted.

Muddy finds a home

The DeGraaf’s, family who adopted Muddy, desperately tried to save him. After countless visits to the vet and several vet bills later, they realized that their total bill was more than they could afford.

Furr is asking for donations from all of those who know about us and know about how much we try to do for kitties. Please send a donation for Muddy Cat’s parents under our Paypal account. Remember that $5 goes along way when everyone gives. All monies received will go directly to the DeGraaf”s.  Here is link to our farewell.

Farewell to dear old friend “Muddy Cat”

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  1. October 27, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    My sincere condolences to Muddy Cat’s family. I’m so glad Muddy had a nice home for awhile before he passed away. Muddy was a very cool kitty. I remember when Terry first rescued him, living with her feral cats, all stinky & muddy! He was a mess, but such a sweet kitty and what a character he was! All he wanted was food and love, and he let you know it!

    Good bye Muddy Cat. I’m glad I had the chance to know you!

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