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Jasmine’s kittens

March 15, 2011
This beautiful momma was saved from Animal Control by Terry. She had not gone there to save her,and yet, this sweet girl caught her eye. She was as far into a corner as she could go and shaking from fright. She was pregnant and already close to her due date. Jasmine had her five kittens on March 12th.
Thanks to Terry, these beautiful babies are safe with their mom and doing well.

Jasmine and kittens

There are three boys and two girls. Bless their little hearts. It is with great sorrow to let everyone know that Jasmine has lost four of her five kittens. At a week old, the kittens got a very bad upper respiratory infection. Since Jasmine was taken from Animal Control, she probably already had it and passed it on to them. We took them right away to the vet and over time – medicine, love and care was not enough to save them.The surviving kitten is named “Tony the Tiger”!! – he is orange kitty on the left. Please say a prayer for him.Update 3/31/2011

Tony is still holding on. He ate on his own for the first time today!! His foster had to tube feed the little guy to get him to eat, but so far so good!!

Cross your paws!

Update 4/1/2011 -Tony continues to improve everyday!! This picture was taken tonight.

Jasmines baby - Marigold

Update on Tony the Tiger(Marigold renamed)
Email from Foster -“Tomorrow he’ll be 5 weeks old. Still NO interest in food.  He only wants his bottle.  I’ve tried everything; canned, raw, dry.  He says, no, no and no.  So, we wait.”
Update on Tony: 5/6/2011
Tiger is strong enough to be brought to lodge tonight!! May be at PetSmart tomorrow!!
Update on Tony 5/17/2011
It is with great sadness to tell everyone that Tiger passed. He was doing well and then just stopped eating. When taken to vet, a FIP test came out positive. Cannot begin to express how upset FURR is about this.
See you at Rainbow Bridge Brave Boy
Jasime was adopted by a loving family – Here is a letter we received from her family.
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  1. Richard Morgan
    March 17, 2011 at 11:45 am

    What a pretty little lady! Now, she has a permanent home? She is safe? Does she need any other sponsoring? We will get pictures of the kittens, right?

    • March 30, 2011 at 9:59 pm

      Jasmine is absolutely beautiful. Sadly she has lost four of her kittens to a respiratory infection. We took them to our vet when they were a week old. They were given strong antibiotics, but the only one who has survived so far is little Marigold the little orange one. We are all saying our prayers and hoping that this guy can hang on.
      If you would like to sponsor Jasmine, we can send you updates on her whenever something new happens – pics too!!Hopefully, we could send you good news and pics on Marigold.

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