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Huge cat rescue in Monroe

June 22, 2011

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Huge cat rescue in Monroe – Hoarding Situation

FURR called to help 22 cats in distress.

DONATIONS: Donations are deeply appreciated, since costs continue to rise by the day.  You can donate to the FURR Emergency Rescue Fund here.

When Terry Schultz, Founder of FURR, received a frantic call from a crying woman in Monroe, she had no idea what awaited her.  The hysterical woman reported that FURR was the only rescue organization to return her call.

The woman was scheduled to move in the next 48 hours and she was desperate to find a rescue group to take her cats since she could not bear to take them to Animal Control and could not take them with her.  As a last resort, she planned to toss the cats out of the only home they had ever known and leave them to fend for themselves.

Needless to say, time was critical since FURR had less than 48 hours to rescue the cats.

Once on the scene, FURR volunteers found a horrible situation.  Most of the cats were in great distress due to the sad conditions they had been living in.  Since none of the cats were spayed or neutered, the population of cats within this tiny apartment had continued to grow.“Kittens were everywhere and most were emaciated and had runny eyes.  I could tell they had little or no prior socialization,” reported Terry Schultz, president of FURR.  “All needed medical care.”

After assessing the situation, FURR volunteers rolled up their sleeves and started the task of removing the cats one by one which turned out to be quite a challenge.  Many of the adult cats proved to be much less tame than reported by the owner.

Since the FURR Lodge was full, Terry Schultz immediately started contacting potential foster homes, as well as other rescue facilities to assist with relocation of the cats.  Luckily, several FURR volunteers stepped up to the task, as well as two other rescue groups.  Within 48 hours all cats were removed from the premises of the hoarding situation.

“The cats are all receiving emergency medical care,” reported Schultz, right after the huge rescue.  “And the costs of treatment for so many cats will be considerable. “

As is always the case with hoarders, they typically cannot comprehend that they are harming their pets by failing to provide them with proper care.  The owner of these 22 cats could barely afford to feed them and veterinary care was out of the question.  Yet she was extremely attached to them and devastated to give them up.

“I felt so sorry for these cats,” said Schultz.  They deserve a better life than this and once the cats are stabilized, we’ll start the process of finding good new homes for them.  All the cats now have fresh food, water and litter and they’re getting the medical attention they desperately need.”

Please check back to our site to get updates on our “hoarding” rescues.


Donations are deeply appreciated, since costs are rising by the day with the birth of kittens and continued care for the sick cats. You can donate to the FURR Emergency Rescue Fund.

Thank you so much!  Your contribution will go immediately to help the cats rescued from this awful hoarding situation.

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