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FURR Director, Mary Whiteside, Makes a Difference!

September 20, 2011

Our very own Mary Whiteside, one of our volunteers was recently recognized by her community, Madison Green Townhomes, for the work she did with a feral colony of cats in the neighborhood.  Mary led the initiative to trap, spay/neuter and vaccinated feral kittens that were wandering through the yards. The kittens she trapped are currently in the process of being domesticated/tamed so they will be able to be adopted into loving homes. FURR donated the cages and pays for all care that is necessary to make such projects successful. Since the FURR rescue facility is at capacity, Mary is currently fostering four of these kittens: Hudson, Madison, Ashland & Brooke. Their names are reflective of the neighborhood streets.

Mary is a great example of how someone properly trained and that has the compassion to make a difference in these cats’ lives, can do so. All they have to do is DO IT!  Congratulations, Mary!!

Mary and her gorgeous calico foster kitty "Camille"

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