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Three Cats Abandoned; Your Help is Needed – A Special Plea from FURR Founder, Terry Schultz

October 15, 2011

Three Abandoned Cats

On September 26 in the middle of the night, someone abandoned three cats in carriers outside the gate of the FURR Lodge which also happens to be my personal property.  My husband, Mike, had let our dogs out early that morning and could not understand why they would not quit barking at the gate.  Much to his dismay he discovered three cat carriers each containing a terrified cat facing the barking dogs!  The poor little things were hissing, shaking and literally scared to death!

The person who abandoned them left a note saying, “I know you’ll do the right thing.”  Yes, we will do the right thing, but this is not how we want to take in cats.  We were not prepared to take in three new cats and this put a strain on our resources.  People may think that just one more cat doesn’t make a difference to an animal rescue organization.  However, it does and people involved in animal rescue know that limits on the number of animals within a facility are controlled for good reason!  Overcrowding leads to so many problems and it limits our ability to provide them the proper care and attention.

We had no free space at the FURR Lodge so these poor cats had to be boarded at the vet’s office for several days.  They had just spent hours in the middle of the night in a carrier at the end of our driveway, were terrified by barking dogs and were now in cages at an unfamiliar place.  We discovered all three cats were females.  As many of you know, the cost to spay a female is greater than the cost to neuter a male cat.  The vet work for the three female cats cost $600 for 3 spays, 3 combo tests, 3 rabies shots, 3 distemper shots, 3 Adv Multi, 3 de-wormers,  3 Capstars…not counting food, litter & transportation & boarding at the vet’s office.  This is a large financial burden that we were not prepared for and do not have the resources to cover!  Since we have taken in these cats, other cats that we wanted to rescue now have to wait. 

FURR needs your help with these abandoned cats!  Please help if you can – donations of any size will help!  To donate immediately, click this link PayPal.  If you prefer to send a check, please send to FURR, P.O. Box 1164, Waxhaw, NC  28173.  Please make sure to write in the memo line on your check the purpose of your donation – “Abandoned Cat Fund.”  All donations are tax deductible.

An important note for everyoneAbandoning animals in this manner against the law and is also unethical.  I would like for the person to step forward and admit guilt and also help with the huge financial burden this has created for FURR.  If anyone has any information that could help us identify the person that did this, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for helping FURR help these cats!


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