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A week in Terry’ life

June 10, 2011 2 comments

Terry has been desperately trying to rescue 26 cats from a lady in Monroe. Here are the events that have happened in her words.

June 2
I received a call tonight from a lady who has 26 cats of all ages, including three that are pregnant.  She lives off of Rocky River Road between Monroe and Waxhaw.  On Saturday (two days from now) she is moving and having to toss the cats out of the only home they have ever known.  The neighbors are waiting to call animal control when this happens.  She does not want  them to go to the shelter.  There has been NO vetting.
Needless to say, time is of the essence.  Many of the cats are young, a few adults, and the three or four pregnant gals.

June 3 morning
Was at the place all morning.  Rescued 8 of the cats & kittens and delivered to a rescue group in Gastonia.  All have been tested at this point and are negative for feline aids/leukemia.  HOORAY.  A couple of the kittens had a little bit of goop in eyes, but not bad.  They are on antibiotics.  Other adults all look good.  Going back tonight to try to gather up all the rest of the dozen or so kittens.  Will hold those while looking for placement.
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Urgent Alert for Ballantyne kitties!!

March 4, 2011 2 comments


Dear Friends,

I want to alert you to a serious situation. The management of Post Ballantyne Apartment homes in Charlotte wants to dispose of 15 feral cats residing in the woods on the property.

Management alerted the caregiver (Stuart) to immediately stop feeding the cats. They had called a company that would trap and take the kitties away. FURR investigated the company and found out that they take stray dogs and cats to Animal Control where they are euthanized!

I was appalled to hear of this! I knew that FURR needed to step in and escalate the situation to the owners of the apartment complex. After serious negotiation, the owners and management agreed to allow the cats to remain on one condition – every single cat must be trapped and spayed/neutered within the next several weeks.

This means we don’t have much time!

Dedicated FURR volunteers have already stepped into action to trap the remaining unaltered 10 cats. Once they are spay/neutered, the cats will be returned to their familiar territory. Stuart, care giver at the apartment complex, will continue to monitor them daily providing food and shelter. FURR has been helping Stuart and the Post Ballantyne cats for over a year now but had to stop due to lack of funds.

Here’s where I desperately need your help. A donation of $100 will

help cover the cost to spay or neuter a cat. Can you help?

We are a registered 501 (c) 3 who has been working in the Charlotte region for the past several years offering a non-lethal solution to many homeless and feral cats.

Please send your donation today to:

F.U.R.R. (Feline Urgent Rescue and Rehabilitation)

PO Box 1164

Waxhaw, NC 28173

Or if you prefer to donate thru PayPal, please visit FURR’s website at Simply click on the “Donate” button right at the top of page and notate: Post Ballantyne kitties. Your donation is tax deductible.

Won’t you help us make a better life for cats in our community? FURR is an all-volunteer organization and relies on donations alone. Every dollar you give will go straight to helping these cats! Together we can make a difference.

Terry Schultz

Founder and Executive Director

Welcome to FURR!! Adoptions Available!

September 29, 2010 Comments off

In Memory of S'mores

Our goal as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization is to rescue homeless and/or feral cats and prepare them for forever homes.

Founder & Executive Director, Terry Schultz, traps, tames and adopts out these cats and kittens to carefully screened loving homes.  All the cats are fully vetted, spayed, neutered and tested for feline aids and leukemia before adoption.  FURR depends solely on donations to fund its operations.


Mail Checks to:  FURR, PO Box 1164, Waxhaw, NC 28173


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February 20, 2010 1 comment

This cute guy was in a drainpipe for 9 days!!! Terry got him out with her net.

Salsa was neutered when caught. He the sweetest kitty. Wants a lot of love. Making up for time stuck in that drain pipe.

Look! It’s Dewey!

January 13, 2010 1 comment

Here is our very handsome Dewey…that’s right, like the famous Library Cat! I’m sure you can see the remarkable resemblance! However, rather than being rescued from a freezing cold book return bin, our Dewey was rescued as a tiny kitten scrounging for food and dodging cars in the parking lot of a fast food establishment! Dewey was adopted last year, and his mom, Sherri, has sent this beautiful photo of her baby to us! Many purrs to Sherri & Dewey!

Dewey & mom, Sherri!

Happy Caturday! >^..^<

January 10, 2010 Comments off

Well, actually it’s Sunday now, but Saturday, or Caturday as it is known in certain kitty circles, is the day that the F.U.R.R. kitties began appearing on our own Petfinder pages! Yeaaa!!! Meow!!! Headbutts!!! Purrs!!!

Check it out! Click here:

F.U.R.R. on Petfinder

Our Petfinder homepage is still under construction, so please excuse us there, but you can now see most of the F.U.R.R. kitties on our Petfinder Adoptable Kitties pages!

And now, one day later, we have even more excellent mews…the first 3 kittens to appear on our Petfinder Adoptable Kitty page have already been adopted…together!

Many purrs to the new parents of the 3 young siblings, Mocha, Latté & Cocoa, and to!

Here are Mocha, Latté & Cocoa with their new parents! One the left we have Latté & Mike, on the right is Mocha & Robin, and there is F.U.R.R.’s Rhonda Price in the middle joining in the happy celebration with little Cocoa!

Lost Gray Persian Mama Kitty Found!

December 4, 2009 Comments off

About six weeks ago we told you the story of the rescued gray, Persian mama kitty with babies that had been put out on a screened in porch their first night in a new foster home. The mama kitty was so frightened she jumped through the screen, leaving her babies. She was probably going to get her babies and take them to safety, but she never got the chance with all the commotion of trying to find her. The babies were only 2 weeks old, and had to be bottle fed right away so they went to another foster home. Poor mama kitty, frightened and lost her babies. Terry and Mari, along with some other volunteers and people in the neighborhood, spent many hours trying to capture her. Terry called the animal communicator, Linda Thomas, who first directed Terry to the backyard where mama kitty was initially hiding,  and Mari contacted an agency who called people in the neighborhood to alert them to be on the lookout and gave them the number to call if they spotted the kitty.

Well, momma kitty has been found and taken to safety! Here is Terry’s story:

     Two days ago, Elaine (a nice lady that lives in the Piper Glen neighborhood) called us about a siting of the mama gray Persian kitty!  Mari had JUST gone by and picked up the traps since they had been set for weeks with no luck…………go figure!  So, we rushed back out there and put out a freshly bated trap, and sure enough, THERE SHE WAS!!!  We were so excited to see her alive and in person we could hardly stand it!  We watched her for HOURS circle the trap, go through neighborhood recycle bins and trash cans, go BACK around the trap, but she never got trapped.  We finally left the trap with some fresh bait in it and decided to come back the next morning (This was Tues night)
     Wednesday morning, first thing, we got a call from Elaine that the kitty WAS in the trap!!!  HOORAY!  I rushed right out there and picked her up!  At first glance, she appeared to be fine.  She was clearly agitated from being in the trap and was growling and crying, but I could not see any visible signs of anything wrong with her.  Elaine had mentioned that she thought the kitty had been limping?  Anyway, I didn’t dare open that trap until I had her at home and in the confines of my home before transferring her to a recovery carrier!
     In route, I noticed that she really smelled bad and I knew she must be really dirty, but when I got her home and safe and moved her into the recovery carrier, I could clearly see that she had a collar and tags on under that matted fur.  To my amazement, once she was out of the trap, she began to purr and “make biscuits” on the soft blanket I had in her carrier and all she wanted was love!  It was truly amazing for this poor kitty that had been outside and lost for 6 weeks!
     I got some scissors and tried to cut the collar out of her fur when I realized that it was embedded into her skin!  That is where the smell was coming from; the infecton!  She had stuck her left front leg through the collar and had been wearing it that way for a long time.  The collar had cut her underarm severely and the collar was going to have to be removed surgically.  This was serious.
     I rushed kitty (called “Stephanie”) to the vet and the performed surgery on her.  The vet had to remove the embedded collar, clean the wound good, give her tons of anitbioics and pain meds, and hope for the best.  The infection had to be cleared up before the area could even be sewn up!  According to the vet, the front leg would have been lost very soon if we had not saved her………..and she would have surely died, or the leg would have had to be amputated!
     Stephanie is now resting comfortably, eating well and believe it or not, purring every step of the way!  This little gray kitty is amazing.  She never complained, not even once, and began “head butting” all of us as soon as the doctor brought her in to see us!  This is one great kitty!
     I will be driving Stephanie to Wilmington, which is where she was headed on her original transport 6 weeks ago.  It just so happens that Wilmington is my home town, so we will both be looking forward to the trip!  I am feeling quite honored to be escorting such an honored passenger!!!
 This story has a happy ending, but it could have been much worse. If you ever foster a kitty or get a new cat please do not put the kitty on a screened-in porch until they are relaxed and feel safe in their new environment. All new kitties should be secured in a quiet room where they can’t escape. If you do have a screened-in porch make sure you check for possible escape routes and secure them before you let the kitty go out on the porch! Also, remember to use only collars that are designated as “safety” or “break away” collars” for cats.