F.U.R.R. Supporters

Terry and all the F.U.R.R. volunteers would like to thank everyone who has supported our kitty rescue efforts by making a generous contribution. Your contributions have helped to provide vet care, vaccinations, and spay & neuter for many rescued kitties! Many purrs to you all!

Jamie Belk
Melissa Madden
Susan Quick
Mary Mann
Mercy Animal Hospital
John Lepke
Roswitha Hancock
Stuart Locklear
Muffy Baer
Thorne Lewis
W.K. Dickson and Company
Susan Nance
Theresa McRae
Marianna Totin
Paige Aspinall-Adams
Kathleen and Spooky Drescher
Tammy Norwood
Edward Selmar
Mr. and Mrs. James Cheatham
Krista Shunkwiler
Richard and Teresa Maunz
Krista Novak
Jan Helsinger
Christensen Insurance Co.
Bob and Dana Sutton
Brad and Sylvia Phillips
Kathy & David Bumgardner
Russ and Mel Sizemore
Melba Tarlton
Karen Brooks
Rhonda Price
Mari Christensen
Steve Robertson
Carolyn Shank
The Lynch Family
Marcy and Steve Welles
Richard and Linda Price
Vick and Joan Dickey
Jim and Claire Schultz
Cathy Cluff
Russ and Mary Rhoades
Robert and Vera James
Diane and Paul Cameron
Mary Winecoff
Sheryl Martin
Leslie Mayes

If you would like to make a contribution to help save a kitty’s life, please click here: F.U.R.R. to visit our donation page, where you can also see the adoptable kitties. All contributions made through PayPal are secure!

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