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  1. Sadie Andrus
    December 8, 2010 at 10:06 am

    Looking to adopt a kitten for my daughter for Christmas. We are looking for a female, short hair, prefferably 8-10 weeks old, black and white. Please contact me if you have any available. Thanks!

    • December 8, 2010 at 8:49 pm

      Hi Sadie
      Have you had a chance to call Terry? Her number is 864-483-2444. She will help you find a kitten.

  2. Regansdad
    June 20, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Terry just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU very much for your help with “Sam” . I’m not sure what all Rhonda told you but I will update you. Well this past Saturday my wife’s brother called us and tells us he had just found a little kitten outside of his house and asked if we wanted it. We immediately jumped in the truck and headed over to his house. When his son handed the little kitten to us, he was hissing and spitting at us. He offered very little of a physical fight. When I first held this kitten all I could feel was bones. So I knew he hadn’t been eating very well, maybe that’s why he didn’t fight us to bad. We went straight to Wal-Mart and got some kitten food and started feeding it before we left the parking lot. It almost bit my finger as I was trying to get it to eat. At this point things were going great. We couldn’t tell if the kitten was a male or female. By Sunday morning the kitten was purring and would close it’s eyes with contentment. The kitten and my daughter Regan grew a close attachment. The kitten would sleep right next to Regan all night long.I went in her room last night to check on them and the kitten was sleeping on Regan’s pillow above her head and was purring like crazy. The kitten also had several episodes of diarrhea on Sunday as well as Sunday night. Well today I was holding it and noticed that it seemed more tired then usual. I looked at the pads on the paws and saw that they were just about pure white. I looked at the gums and they were basically the same color. I called my wife and told her and she said it sounded almost like parvo. I told her that was for dogs, but I didn’t know there was a feline version that cats get. I looked it up online and felt that Sam had some of the same symptoms and became very concerned. Trying to tell my daughter that the kitten might be very sick was a very hard thing to do. I watched her face turn red and her eyes start to tear up. I explained to Regan that at least the kitten was happy with her new family and showed that by loving her and purring as much as it did. This seemed to help her feel some better but you could still the sadness in her eyes. When I told her I called her Aunt Rhonda she lit up with hope and joy. When Rhonda called me back and told me that the Vet was waiting on us I had no idea what to expect. On the way I helped Regan say a prayer for Sam that the vet would be able to help us and if not, for Jesus to watch out for her kitten. Regan told me she didn’t want to go in the back because she was afraid of what the Vet would find. When the Vet examined Sam we found out that the kitten was a boy and that he was so young his testies had not even started to drop. His weight was only .14oz, that was really shocking to me. When I saw the weight on the scale I was thinking this kitten is really sick. But as the Vet went on with his exam he seemed to act like everything was going to be OK. The stool test came back negative, I was hoping it would have shown some parasites or something to help explain why the kitten was so weak acting and his paw pads being so pale. At least parasites would be an easier fix then having the feline parvo virus. Then the Vet explained that he felt that the kitten being so weak and pale pads and gums was because of having trouble with a sudden transition from mothers milk to having NO food and then being able to eat can food. He explained that this more then likely caused the kittens stomach to become irritated and upset causing the diarrhea. With Sam only weighing .14oz dehydration set in quickly. He gave Sam a worm treatment just incase he had worms or parasites and also some meds to help his stomach adjust to his new diet. We also got a free sample of kitten flea treatment and a small can of mothers milk to help him get re-hydrated. When Regan realized that Sam a had a great chance for continuing to be able to sleep with her she was tickled PINK that her prayers had been answered. Terry I just wanted to thank you for all your help and advice with Sam.

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