Ballantyne kitties

Update 4/1/2011 – The caregiver at Post Ballantyne has been trying to trap more kitties, however, these guys know what a trap is. He is trying every week to get a cat or two. Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately, two of the females are pregnant (these are the only females not fixed and they don’t waste any time!!)  Don’t know how far along they are.

Keep you posted


Dear Friends,

I want to alert you to a serious situation. The management of Post Ballantyne Apartment homes in Charlotte wants to dispose of 15 feral cats residing in the woods on the property.

Management alerted the caregiver (Stuart) to immediately stop feeding the cats. They had called a company that would trap and take the kitties away. FURR investigated the company and found out that they take stray dogs and cats to Animal Control where they are euthanized!

I was appalled to hear of this! I knew that FURR needed to step in and escalate the situation to the owners of the apartment complex. After serious negotiation, the owners and management agreed to allow the cats to remain on one condition – every single cat must be trapped and spayed/neutered within the next several weeks.

This means we don’t have much time!

Dedicated FURR volunteers have already stepped into action to trap the remaining unaltered 10 cats. Once they are spay/neutered, the cats will be returned to their familiar territory. Stuart, care giver at the apartment complex, will continue to monitor them daily providing food and shelter. FURR has been helping Stuart and the Post Ballantyne cats for over a year now but had to stop due to lack of funds.

Here’s where I desperately need your help. A donation of $100 will

help cover the cost to spay or neuter a cat. Can you help?

We are a registered 501 (c) 3 who has been working in the Charlotte region for the past several years offering a non-lethal solution to many homeless and feral cats.

Please send your donation today to:

F.U.R.R. (Feline Urgent Rescue and Rehabilitation)

PO Box 1164

Waxhaw, NC 28173

Or if you prefer to donate thru PayPal, please visit FURR’s website at Simply click on the “Donate” button right at the top of page and notate: Post Ballantyne kitties. Your donation is tax deductible.

Won’t you help us make a better life for cats in our community? FURR is an all-volunteer organization and relies on donations alone. Every dollar you give will go straight to helping these cats! Together we can make a difference.

Terry Schultz

Founder and Executive Director

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