Fogle Cats

This story is about the Fogle Cats but it is a somewhat common story in our area. Although the circumstances may not all be the same, the story of kind-hearted people taking in stray kitties and then having them breed to the point of an unmanageable number is common.

Update – January 20, 2010 – Most of the adult cats still living at this place have been spayed and neutered by F.U.R.R. and another lady named Susan. Seven of the kittens, including the momma cat with 2 newborn kittens, were taken in by another rescue, and F.U.R.R. also took in 3 other 6-7 week old siblings. Recently these 3 siblings that Terry named Mocha, Latté, and Cocoa, were adopted all together!

Update – November 11, 2009 (read below for the original request for help sent out by Robbie Fogle)

We’d like to thank some people who have generously contributed to help get the Fogle Cats.

  • Jan Helsinger has given Terry a very generous donation which is being used for spaying & neutering. Spaying & neutering is top priority so the Fogle Cats don’t increase in number! Thank you Jan!
  • Melba Tarlton has collected generous donations from some of her friends, including Karen Brooks, which have also been used for spaying & neutering. Melba immediately jumped in to help when she received the email I sent out with photos of the Fogle cats. Melba has been instrumental in not only collecting donations but in finding potential adopters & rescues for some of the kitties. Thank you Melba & Karen!
  • Mari Christensen paid for the first 2 feral Fogle cats to be fixed! Thanks Mari!
  • Barbara Bigham with the Humane Society of Union County, has donated food & litter! Thank you Barbara!
  • Beverly Sammarco with Friends of Feral Felines has donated a very generous amount of cat food, and FFF is also contributing toward spay/neuter fees! Thank you Beverly & FFF!
  • Terry has made up for any excess fees with her own money, and…
  • Of course, Terry & Mari have contributed very generously with the time they’ve both put into making arrangements for vetting/spay/neuter, trapping & transporting the cats to the clinics, and delivering food & litter to the Fogle’s. Terry & Mari were the first to visit the Fogles after we received his email, and without them the whole project would not be organized!
  • Other donations were sent to Robbie from Amy Spurlock and Polly Bartee, and Amy and 2 of her friends have taken 7 of the cats into foster care, including the momma with 2 new babies. They will get these kitties all vetted/spayed/neutered, and find homes for them! Yea!!! and many purrs to Amy and her friends!

star_s3 Also, a friend of Robbie Fogle has adopted 2 of the adult kitties that have already been fixed, and Robbie’s brother is going to adopt 2 of the kittens. He’s in Florida and Mari is working on transportation for the kittens.

If you can contribute money (for vetting and spay/neuter), or food and/or litter for the Fogle Cats, please contact Terry at (these contributions are used spedifically for testing, vaccinations and spay/neuter of the Fogle Cats).

Terry has trapped and spay/neutered 4 of the outside/feral cats at the Fogle’s. Unfortunately, one of those kitties had to be euthanized because he was very, very sick and also tested positive for FeLV. She has also taken 4 of the inside cats in to be spayed and neutered, and they are recovering nicely!

Here is the original blog post in which I first mentioned this situation: More Cat News & Other Things of Interest

The following is the original email from Robbie Fogle that spread around the rescue community after Fogle wrote to Pilots & Paws which he’d heard about on NPR.

Sent: Saturday, October 10, 2009 5:56 PM
Subject: **CROSS POST** Monroe, NC

My name is Robbie Fogle and I live in Monroe, North Carolina. I have a dilemma that I hope you may help me with. I have been recently laid off along with 4oo plus other employees from Allvac. My wife has been going thru chemo-type therapy. Our funds are tapped out paying for medications, office visits and barley existing. The dilemma is, we have kittens and cats ranging from 6wks old to 11 months, with most older cats now spayed and neutered and shots, except 2 males and 3 females and the small kittens. We have approximately 20 kittens/cats we have been trying to find homes for. We have had ads in the paper, placed notices in several veterinarian clinics, and not one call. The last thing we want to do is take them to the Union county animal shelter, which is really not a shelter at all. Animals taken are almost ALL euthanized the same day. Union county doesn’t even have a Humane society. They have been in trouble for the handling of animals the past several years, so they don’t even try to assist with adopting pets. Instead the county gases the animals the same day. And they call it a animal shelter.
But again, we can’t afford to keep them, we live in a single wide older mobile home, so we are out of space, can’t afford the necessities , litter, food at the same time try to take care of my sick wife who has been suffering from borderline pneumonia/ bronchitis, due to her compromised immune system from the treatments.   I heard about you on NPR in S.C. and am asking if you may be able to help find loving homes for them. We are both pet lovers, my wife and I. But right now we are barely existing ourselves. Our number to reach us at is (xxx-xxx-xxxx*). I am sending this E-mail from our public library because I have neither a computer or can afford internet at home. Please let us know if you can assist.
My wife and I both get sick thinking that the alternative is to taking them to the gas chamber. Again our number is (xxx-xxx-xxxx*) if you can assist it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this email. Have A Good Day.

Robbie Fogle

(sent out to the rescue community by)

Debi Boies
Co-Founder, Pilots N Paws

*Note: I have crossed out Robbie’s phone number because he is not only overwhelmed with taking care of the kitties, but also with taking care of his sick wife who is currently in and out of the hospital, going to school, and looking for another  job. Mari Christensen has generously offered to coordinate all efforts on behalf of the Fogles. Please contact Mari at if you wish to help with the Fogle Cat project. Thanks!

  1. Jennifer
    February 22, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Hi Terry!
    I love your website. I was absolutely amazed when I saw the work you are continuing with feral cats. All homeless kitties deserve a second chance, and I will try to do anything that I can to support your cause.
    Thank you!

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