Adults, and kids alike, take heed to this lesson to be learned from two wonderful girls that turned their birthday into a time of GIVING rather than GETTING!  How wonderful it is to think that at an early age these kids realize the importance and meaning of setting a good example for others to follow.  These girls were anxiously waiting for their birthday to arrive and probably thinking about making their wish list for gifts; but instead, they had a change of heart and decided to do something completely different and AMAZING!!!

Megan and Paige Klingenberg, twins girls @ 7 years old, decided to give away all their gifts……….to the cats!  Megan and Paige had a big party, like most kids their age, but had all the children attending bring gifts for FURR kitties!  All the presents were items to help the rescued cats and kittens that have had a rough start in life and now await their adoption at the FURR rescue lodge!  The gifts were plentiful and everyone was on board for this great idea!  Cat litter, cat food, soft cat beds, kitty toys, plush blankets, treats, gift cards to PetSmart and Wal-Mart were just SOME of the wonderful gifts that they received!

All the gifts were delivered by the girls and their parents to the FURR kitty lodge!  It was an exciting day to see what these very unselfish and caring girls had done for the cats!  Now, there is a lesson for us all to learn by!  I have already learned from their example and I did the same thing for my birthday!  Let’s all learn from Megan and Paige that joy and love comes from giving to others!  That is what life should be about……….even if “others” means rescued kitties!

Terry Schultz
Founder & Executive Director of FURR

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