The Kitty Lodge Project

BrianTennyThere is one very important person who we haven’t mention yet and that is Brian Tenny, also known as The Project Guy! Brian is the guy that turned Terry’s ideas of a safe and cozy kitty sanctuary into reality, and Terry and the kitties want everyone to know about his good works and excellent craftsmanship!

The Kitty LodgeBrian has taken a regular barn and turned it into the sanctuary in which the kitties comfortably reside until they are adopted. He sealed off all the open areas between the walls and roof with metal screening so the kitties can’t escape, and no other critters can get inside. Inside the barn he built the areas on both sides that were then turned into the 4 rooms in which the kitties reside. Brian made sure the walls were well insulated, and finished them with paneling so they can be easily cleaned. The doors and window frames are very nicely done, and everything is well sealed to keep the elements and bugs out. On top of the rooms there is a loft on both sides for storage.

Currently, Brian is working on the small “kitchen” at the back of the Lodge. This room will be complete with a utility sink with hot water, a small refrigerator, and storage areas for food and items necessary for keeping the rooms clean. Terry is very excited about this, and we can hardly wait for the kitchen project to be finished!

I’ll be adding photos of the new kitchen, but until then you can read about Brian and see his many completed projects on his website at 

I know you will want to contact Brian right away so he can turn your project ideas into reality! 

 Brian Tenny, The Project Guy!!!

Many profound purrs of thanks to Brian because without him the Kitty Lodge would not be possible!

  1. January 31, 2011 at 7:39 pm


    We spoke a few minutes ago and you were on a stake out. I am the GC you talked to today from Henn Automative. Was there with one of my cars getting some work done.

    Anyway email me the picture of the cage you need built. Would be happy to stop by sometime also and check out the place.

    Great job for all the work you are doing.


    Mike Heeg
    P.O.Box 78593


    • January 31, 2011 at 11:18 pm

      Hi Mike
      I am the Assistant Director of FURR. Terry told me of your generous offer to help us.
      We truly appreciate it. I forwarded this email to Terry.

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