Betty’s Cats: Photos & Story

Update on Betty’s kitties – Feb 10, 2011
FURR was able to fix all of Betty’s kitties. Unfortunately, her daughter in law called Betty and told her that she needed to leave her house and move into an apartment. Daughter in law has Deed on house. She called FURR and informed us that we had a month to get the cats off of the property or she would call Animal Control!! FURR was frantic!! She was also unwilling to help us with funds to help the kitties.
We spent days and nights trapping kitties. Most of them were very tame and sweet. Another rescue group agreed to take these kitties along with a donation. FURR used their own money to make these donations.
We were really blessed that we found somewhere for the kitties. The kitties are all for adoption. They are safe, fed and protected now. Out of the original 11, the other rescue group has adopted out 5 of them to good homes.

Betty  & Miss Friendly

This is Miss Betty, shown here with Miss Friendly, and these are Miss Betty’s cats

Betty has been caring for these kitties for long time. She is just as sweet as she can be, and she loves every one of her cats. Many of them even have names. Some of the cats are quite feral, but most fall into the semi-feral category and will get close, but not too close. That is except for Miss Friendly!

However, when Betty comes out to feed them they all come running for their share!

Terry first learned about Betty’s cats when she was contacted by Rhonda Price after Rhonda learned about them from her pet sitter, Krista, who is Betty’s neighbor. Of course as soon as Terry checked out the situation the spaying and neutering began almost immediately. Rhonda chipped in to pay for the spay/neuters and Krista helped with the trapping, transporting and caring for the sick kitties. Many of the cats were sick with upper respiratory illness, and unfortunately 4 adults and all 8 of the kittens tested positive for either FeLV or FIV and had to be euthanized. This was very distressing for Terry, and Miss Betty was in tears. There are still a few cats that need to be altered, such as William (shown below), but as of October 21st about 20 of the cats had been altered. October 21st is when Terry, Krista, Susan and Mari transported 10 of the cats to the Gaston Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic to be fixed, and we’d like to thank Susan for generously offering to come along in her van to help transport cats.  We had just met Susan the previous Saturday at Petsmart!

Terry estimates that there could be 5-10 more cats that need to be trapped and neutered.

Click on a photo…

FURR was able to get everyone spay/neutered. The daughter in law who owns Betty’s house told her that she needed to move into an apartment. She also wanted all the kitties to be gone. It is so hard to find homes for 1-2 kitties, let alone 15!! FURR adopted four of the kitties to homes and were able to send 11 kitties to another shelter. We were very lucky and blessed to be able to get all of these kitties out of danger in a very short amount of time.

Smokie and Blackie in their new home.

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