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FURR Supports Dr. Pressly’s Grand Opening

August 1, 2011 Comments off

FURR was there when Dr. Pressly held the grand opening for his new vet clinic in Matthews on July 23.  Dr. Pressly and his staff gave tours of their new state-of-the-art facility.  There were freebies, lots of good food and FURR brought several of our kittens and cats for adoption.

Here are some photos of our FURR Volunteers, the clinic and the kitties that we brought along:

Clinic Entrance

Operating Room with a "patient"

Dr. Pressly and his Staff cutting the ribbon

Table full of give aways and raffle prizes

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Huge cat rescue in Monroe

June 22, 2011 Comments off

Please reconsider to “chip in” for these cats. We have not even come close to what we would like to raise. 7% of the amount. Anything is appreciated. Everything is appreciated.

Huge cat rescue in Monroe – Hoarding Situation

FURR called to help 22 cats in distress.

DONATIONS: Donations are deeply appreciated, since costs continue to rise by the day.  You can donate to the FURR Emergency Rescue Fund here.

When Terry Schultz, Founder of FURR, received a frantic call from a crying woman in Monroe, she had no idea what awaited her.  The hysterical woman reported that FURR was the only rescue organization to return her call.

The woman was scheduled to move in the next 48 hours and she was desperate to find a rescue group to take her cats since she could not bear to take them to Animal Control and could not take them with her.  As a last resort, she planned to toss the cats out of the only home they had ever known and leave them to fend for themselves.

Needless to say, time was critical since FURR had less than 48 hours to rescue the cats.

Once on the scene, FURR volunteers found a horrible situation.  Most of the cats were in great distress due to the sad conditions they had been living in.  Since none of the cats were spayed or neutered, the population of cats within this tiny apartment had continued to grow. Read more…

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Updates from Terry!

June 21, 2011 4 comments
Interesting RESCUE night last night..…..another VERY late night as FURR phone never stops ringing!  I got a late night call from my friend Mari Christensen saying that another big animal-loving friend, Cathy Arndt, needed help!  SO, after another long day of kitty stuff, took off late to the Ballantyne area to help rescue some BABY DUCKS!  Yes, Cathy Arndt was animal sitting @ the Post Ballantyne Apartment Homes, which I know well since we have a rescued colony of cats out there, and she saw a mother duck going nuts over the top of a drain grate in the middle of a pond!  Cathy waded out there into the pond and looked down into hole below the grate to see 4 tiny baby ducks stuck in there!  They had fallen in and could not get out!  Mama duck was going crazy……..calling them, squawking and fluttering around!
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A week in Terry’ life

June 10, 2011 2 comments

Terry has been desperately trying to rescue 26 cats from a lady in Monroe. Here are the events that have happened in her words.

June 2
I received a call tonight from a lady who has 26 cats of all ages, including three that are pregnant.  She lives off of Rocky River Road between Monroe and Waxhaw.  On Saturday (two days from now) she is moving and having to toss the cats out of the only home they have ever known.  The neighbors are waiting to call animal control when this happens.  She does not want  them to go to the shelter.  There has been NO vetting.
Needless to say, time is of the essence.  Many of the cats are young, a few adults, and the three or four pregnant gals.

June 3 morning
Was at the place all morning.  Rescued 8 of the cats & kittens and delivered to a rescue group in Gastonia.  All have been tested at this point and are negative for feline aids/leukemia.  HOORAY.  A couple of the kittens had a little bit of goop in eyes, but not bad.  They are on antibiotics.  Other adults all look good.  Going back tonight to try to gather up all the rest of the dozen or so kittens.  Will hold those while looking for placement.
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Terry’s foster puppies are adopted

May 30, 2011 1 comment

Here is the wonderful family that adopted them.

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2011 Yard Sale was a big success!!

May 29, 2011 Comments off

Thanks to all who came and helped at our Yard Sale last weekend. Special thanks to Muffie and her husband Hutch for running around for five days picking up most of the yard sale items.

Karen Elskin

Welcome and many purrs to potential new FURR volunteers – Helen Higgins and Karen Elskin.

Karen helped us with pricing all day Friday. She did a great job!! Thanks Karen

"The Closer"



Helen greeted all of our buyers and became known as “The Closer”

She could sell feathers to a duck! Funny to watch.




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Yard Sale this weekend!!

May 17, 2011 1 comment

FURR is having a huge yard sale this weekend. Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd. We have over 10 contributors donating items for sale. It will be huge! Bring your friends your neighbors and anyone else you can think of!!

2010 Yard Sale