FURR Contract

P.O. BOX 1164

WAXHAW, NC 28173



Date:                                             Adoption Agent:                                   Pet ID#:                

The Feline Urgent Rescue and Rehab, P.O. Box 1164, Waxhaw, NC hereinafter called “FURR” and:

Adopter Name: _________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________ 

City:                                                                          State:                  Zip:                         

Home Phone:                                                       Alternate Phone:                                 _____


Driver’s License #:                                                           ______         State:_________

Herein referred to as “adopter”, agrees as follows:

  1. In consideration of the donation of $                                       (donations are not refundable), delivered to FURR, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged,  FURR agrees to deliver unto the Adopter the following described animal:

Name:                                                                       Sex:                   Age:  ______

Feline/ Rabies Number:                                                                                                                             

Circle Appropriate Description:              Spayed           Neutered

Breed (if known):                                                                                                                                       

General Description:                                                                                                                                __  

  1. For and in consideration of the receipt of said feline, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the Adopter agrees to the following:
  1. A.      To have said animal spayed or neutered by (date)                                      , if not already performed, unless a veterinarian recommends otherwise due to a medical condition.  Proof of spay or neuter must be forwarded to the FURR.  NO EXCEPTIONS ARE GRANTED.
  1. To establish regular contact with a veterinarian in order to maintain the well being of said feline through regular health checkups and to inoculate said feline with appropriate vaccinations, and to furnish proof of said inoculation to the FURR if requested.
  2. To include regular healthcare, heartworm prevention given YEAR ROUND.
  3. To provide proper care of said feline including an indoor-only home, proper food, fresh water, and love.  Adopter understands said feline is a family pet and companion.  This feline involves a lifetime commitment.  Adopter agrees never to abandon said feline, release him/her to any pound, and not to permit said feline to be used in any scientific experiment.  Said feline will never be used for food or fur purposes.  Should said feline be picked up at any time, for any reason, by animal control, ownership of said feline shall automatically revert back to FURR at the Board’s discretion.
  4. To never allow said feline to ride loose in any vehicle without being in an appropriate feline container.  This activity is strictly forbidden.
  5. To notify FURR if adopter no longer wishes to own said feline.  In such case, FURR retains ownership and right to further placement of said feline.  Adopter DOES NOT have the option of placing said feline.  Due to limited space, a waiting period is usually required for FURR to receive the returned feline.
  6. To allow FURR or its agents to inspect the home before and after adoption, and to allow the FURR or its agents to remove said feline immediately if the home or surroundings are found to be unsuitable.
  7. To report any change in address to the FURR.
  8. To never DECLAW said feline under any circumstances.
  1. Title ownership of said animal shall revert to the FURR at its election in the event that any of the above state conditions are not met.
  1. Adopter agrees and understands that FURR shall have the right to and may repossess the said feline in the event that the said feline is not spayed/neutered within the above stated period or in the event that any of the above stated conditions in regard to said feline’s health and well being are not met.  The respective parties agree and authorize any constable, humane officer or agent of FURR to enter the premises where the said feline is located, take possession of said feline and deliver said feline to FURR without the necessity of any Court Order or further proceedings of any kind.
  1. In the event it becomes necessary for FURR to retain an attorney to enforce the terms herein, all court costs and attorney’s fees will be the responsibility of the Adopter of the feline described herein.
  1. Adopter agrees that FURR will not be held responsible for any sickness incurred by said feline before or after receipt by the Adopter.
  1. Adopter agrees and understands that FURR makes no warranties, representations, or guarantees whatsoever as to the adult size, temperament, characteristic, or health of said feline and hereby disclaims all implied or expressed warranties of fitness or merchantability.   Adopter also understands FURR will not be responsible for any medical care or costs thereof required after placement of said animal.
  1. This instrument contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statement, promises, or inducements made by any party or agent that are not contained in the Agreement shall be valid or binding.  This Agreement may not be enlarged, modified, or altered except in writing signed by all parties and endorsed herein.
  1. Any discourse regarding pet adoptions must be addressed to FURR.  Adopter may not expect any involvement of the adoption center locations, owners, employees, stockholders, heirs, executors, administrators, assignees, and successors of the respective parties.  Communication regarding adoptions must be communicated directly to FURR.
  1. To provide name, address, and telephone number of nearest relative:                                                                          _____________________               ___________________                      ____________               ___                      

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this agreement on the day and year as stated below:

Adopter:                                                                                                  Date:            ___      

FURR Representative:                                                              _           Date:            ___     

Witness: _________________________________________ Date:                         


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