New life for old Dog…

Who says older dogs or cats don’t make absolutely WONDERFUL companions!  Cody,  the senior doggie, was left at the vet’s office to be euthanized after his owner passed away.  The vet, having known Cody his entire life, just could not find it in her strength to put the       old dog down.  Cody may be a little older, but he still had feelings and a BIG heart and was the sweetest doggie ever!  Cody stayed at the vet’s office and lived in a crate there for many months……….waiting for something or someone……….

Now, Cody has a whole new life!  Cody was given to my father, who just turned a young 76 years old on March 26th.  My Dad was not particularly looking for a dog, but Cody seemed to like the idea, so it was a go…………….well, say no more!  The two seem to be inseparable!  My understanding, from the last report that I got from home (Wilmington, NC), was that Cody follows my Dad all around the house (even into the bathroom!), outside and wherever my Dad goes!  Cody is being a wonderful addition to the family with PERFECT mature manners and a wonderfully calm nature.  Everyone just loves him and how well he behaves!  I can’t wait to meet him on my next trip to Wilmington.

My father is quick to say that whether Cody lives another year or  another five years, he has been a blessing to his life!  I think my Mom  agrees with that also!

Why can’t more people see senior animals that way?  Senior animals  deserve even more than younger ones do:  respect, love, special care  and a dignified life!  Wouldn’t we want the same for ourselves?

Consider adopting older kitties and doggies and sharing in that one of  a kind love.

You’ll see how wonderful and rewarding it can be!

My dad, Jim Cheatham

Terry Schultz

Founder & Executive Director of FURR

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