Happy Cat Tails 2011

F.U.R.R. continues to help kitties find their forever homes.  Here are photos of the kitties adopted so far in 2011 and their new families.

Stories from our adoptive families:

Here’s a lovely letter from Jasmine’s new family:


I thought you might want to know that Jasmine is doing great! She has been all over the house and now has her certain spots. Saturday afternoon, we stacked 2 baby gates in the doorway so they could see each other. Well, I’ll have you know that by Sunday morning, little Miss J wasn’t going to have that anymore. She sang and sang until we took them down. Within about 4 hours, the two of them had gotten through their little spells of hissing and slapping at each other. Yesterday, I moved her perch beside Boo’s and as you will see from the photo she now has her spot which is actually Boo’s perch. He has taken over hers.

Since they had made so much progress, we didn’t want to separate them while we worked yesterday, so I stayed home. They were perfect little angels. They spent part of the day rolling around on their backs singing to each other or running around the house. I died laughing when Boo took off chasing her into the front of the house and the next thing I know, he comes running with her chasing right behind him.

I noticed that she would only eat out of Boo’s bowls and he would wait until she finished before he ate. I decided to try moving their bowls into the same area and that was the trick. They now both dine side by side. If one moves over to the other bowl, the other moves to the vacate bowl. Like there’s something different in either of them. She is eating up a storm.

She’s still is a little skittish around us, but we know that will come in time. Although slowly she now approaches us when she wants to be petted which usually requires a complete body rub especially in the belly area. I tried taking her to bed with me one night and that didn’t work, so we’re going to work on that one slowly.

Thanks so much for bringing such a joy into our lives and if Boo could speak, I know he’d be saying thank you, too!

Donna Morris

Dear Donna,

I read your email late last night and just balled my eyes out! One of my volunteers was with me when I read it and she cried too! Your email is very heart warming and just makes us so happy for this wonderful kitty! I don’t think I could have found a better or more loving home for her! I am so appreciative of your wonderful patience and love for Jasmine! She had such a rough start in life and deserves so much happiness. I remember the day I rescued her from the Gaston County “prison” cell where she was shaking uncontrollably. When I had them pull her, because I just could not stand to see her suffer that much BEFORE getting euthanized, I had no idea she was pregnant on top of all the other troubles she had.

Who knew what a kind and gentle kitty she was! She quickly won her way into all of our hearts at the kitty rescue lodge and I think it was meant to be for you to have her! How great it is that Boo is liking her too! Go figure!!!

Thanks for the pictures and the GREAT update! Please keep the emails coming! We love to hear about her and I miss her so much…….it hurts!




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